The first step in working with Staci is to book an initial consultation. Staci will come to your home to start an open dialogue about what you’re looking for in a designer, how you live in your space, and what you like and don’t like. You may have a specific vision for your home, you may feel completely overwhelmed by the process, or you may be somewhere in between. Wherever you are, Staci can craft a starting point during the initial consultation. The cost for an initial consultation is $140 for two hours. Staci’s goal is to provide value and direction during the initial consultation, regardless of whether you move forward as a design client.

"I truly love the process of taking a space and transforming it into something a person will feel at home in."

If you do decide to work with Staci on your home, the process is entirely collaborative. Staci’s mission is to create a space that is a true reflection of the inhabitants of the home. After spending time together to help clarify style preferences, potential challenges, and home goals, Staci will prepare a design board for review. Nature, travel, and meeting makers inspire Staci. She loves the process of meeting makers and tradespeople and bringing their talents into a home. As a result, your design will never be cookie-cutter. This part of the process is flexible and cooperative. The final design will be shaped by your feedback and Staci’s expertise.

"I believe in editing our belongings and keeping what is meaningful in order to make space in our lives."

Bringing your distinct design to life is the final step in the process. Staci works with architects and contractors to move from vision to reality. Her connections in the industry ensure that you will receive the highest-quality service at the best trade rates. Staci believes that every space should tell the story of who lives there, and that the objects we place in our home should be part of that story. Staci will supervise the implementation of the design until your home story is complete.

Staci Pfeffer Interiors
Staci Pfeffer Interiors
Staci Pfeffer Interiors